Since their accession to international sovereignty, African people face many difficulties and are continuously suffering harm or abuse regarding their political, economic and social rights. The most significant trends are: the lack of social justice, the decline in living standards of the people, lack of jobs and low wages, the strong development of the informal sector, the significant poverty in rural and urban areas and the underrepresentation of the youth and women in decision-making spaces.
One of the ambitions of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is to strengthen the partnership with organizations dedicated to the defense of popular interests and those that evolve more generally in the field of social justice. The objective is to continue to strengthen collaboration with partners with whom we are already working, but also to think about new perspectives taking into account the concerns /aspirations / rights of populations, especially those operating in the informal sector, allowing a strengthening of the trade union movement or related organizations and a redefinition of the very foundations of solidarity and social justice.
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