The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a German political foundation close to the political party “Die Linke” This non-profit association recognized by the Senegalese State, opened its regional office for West Africa in Dakar in January 2010. The foundation represents the most significant social trends of democratic socialism and promotes critical analysis and a political education in society. As part of its objectives, it aims to facilitate participatory democracy and to develop economic and social alternatives. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in cooperation with non-governmental organisations in Westafrica from Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, BurkinaFaso, Guinea and Niger.

The Award UNESCO price for Ibrahim Ag Idbaltanat

DSC_6026On International Day of Tolerance 2014, the Award Ceremony of the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for  the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence will be attributed to the Temedt President, Ibrahim ag Idbaltnat on 14th November 2014 at 18:30 (Paris time).

The ceremony will be broadcast live on UNESCO’s website

Interational conference on Religion and Politics

conferenceIn Nigeria and other African states, religion often plays a crucial role in the outcome of elections and the swing of power.Thus it is quite common to see a Muslim Presidential candidate from the north and his vice presidential candidate a Christian from the South.
Or if the presidential candidate is a Christian from the south his Vice Presidential candidate would be a Muslim from the north like the case of the current president of Nigeria. Yet politicians continue to act as if religion does not matter only to use it at the last minute to their advantage to ride to power.
Just before the last governorship electionns in Anambra State of Nigeria,the incumbent governor went to campaign in a church which unknown to him had a lot of supporters of the opposition candidate and this led to a huge stampede left 24 persons dead.
This immediately led to the ban by the Christian Associaltion of Nigeria of all forms of political campaign in the church. Concept more information

CONFERENCE: “Social Movements in West Africa: (17. – 19. June 2014, Hotel Ngor Diarama)

Between the Ravages of Economic Liberalism and the Promise of Political Liberalism.”

couverteIn June 2012, the West Africa Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation organised an International Conference on “What alternatives for Africa? Which actors to carry them?”. The basic idea was that we had to move beyond the criticism of neoliberalism and existing institutions to address the critical issue of alternative political and economic paradigms as well as that of the actors who may carry out the much needed radical breaks. During the exchanges, most participants more or less agreed that far from being a panacea, the so-called “liberal democracy” is part of the problem to be overcome by the African continent. Similarly, while the hope for significant social change in Africa lies today in social movements, it was recognised, however, that they tend to suffer from lack of autonomy vis-à-vis the political systems in place. Better, the early 21st Century social movements would even appear to have been lost in the woods (see Ndongo Samba Sylla (ed.) R e thinking Development, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 2014).