The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a German political foundation close to the political party “Die Linke” This non-profit association recognized by the Senegalese State, opened its regional office for West Africa in Dakar in January 2010. The foundation represents the most significant social trends of democratic socialism and promotes critical analysis and a political education in society. As part of its objectives, it aims to facilitate participatory democracy and to develop economic and social alternatives. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in cooperation with non-governmental organisations in Westafrica from Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, BurkinaFaso, Guinea and Niger.

Communities, Forests and carbon trading in Nigeria

climate reedThe main focus of this report is the implication of REDD+ on forest dependent communities in Nigeria’s Cross River State, where the largest remaining expanse of tropical forests are located. This report exposes some of the costs borne by the forest communities in the process of implementing REDD+ by the government of Cross River State, where a task force embedded within the Forestry Commission has been established with the mandate to enforce a moratorium on forest activities as part of the implementation process.               With neither adequate consultation nor alternative livelihoods options for communities, the task force has been harassing community members that have depended on the  for generations. Movement and trade of products deemed to have been derived from the forests are confiscated. SEEING REDD NIGERIA

Newsletter of the RLF: December 2014

Nouvelle image (6)Painfully, Ebola has taught us a lesson.The effects of wars and civil wars, distrust and corruption, and neglect of social and health services can combine with a deadly virus to produce an uncontrolled epidemic. The interview with Dr. Dialo Diop in this newsletter gives further insight into the social aspects of the epidemic. Some of the activities of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation have been influenced or even cancelled due to the epidemic. However, this newsletter also proves that life and activities have to go on and it provides a good overview of the manifold areas of work and partners of the Foundation. We view them all as contributions to necessary social change. NEWSLETTER


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The Award UNESCO price for Ibrahim Ag Idbaltanat

DSC_6026On International Day of Tolerance 2014, the Award Ceremony of the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for  the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence will be attributed to the Temedt President, Ibrahim ag Idbaltnat on 14th November 2014 at 18:30 (Paris time).